Request a Watch or Jewellery Repair

Using this form, we will create an order for a package to be delivered to you within 2 working days. Once you receive this package you can use it to return the goods to us for an estimate to repair.

Please photograph the watches/jewellery inside the package before sealing it and email the images to

You must return the goods via Royal Mail Special Delivery with the maximum insurance option chosen of £2500. We will have prepaid this for you. This can be done at any Royal Mail Post Office.


Once booked:

  • We use CCTV to record the parcels being unsealed at our post room.
  • This will then then be booked onto our system and you will receive an email receipt describing your goods along with photographs available on our online platform.
  • Receive an initial estimate to repair which you can then choose to have the work carried out or have it returned at no cost.
  • Goods will then be passed to the workshops or returned to you.
  • Once in the workshops, we will confirm the estimate. If it’s the same as the initial estimate, we will carry out the work in the advised lead time. If additional work is needed we will let you know before carrying out any work.
  • If you decline the estimate at this stage a handling and estimate charge will stand of £35 and you can then have your goods returned to you at this point.
  • If you proceed the new estimate then we will carry on with the work for you.
  • Once complete we will advise you and organise the return of your goods in a similar manner to it being received (photographed before sealing etc).


  • You can enjoy wearing your creation again with a 12-month warranty on the work we have carried out. (If you have received an estimate where multiple options are available and one of those options cannot be warrantied due to additional work being needed, we will advise you)
  • We can source replacement stones, re model, re design and rebuild almost anything in house.
  • Any work carried out will be warrantied for 12 months. In some cases, where a piece of jewellery was not created by us initially; we will advise rebuilding work which we will need to provide a warranty for (this normally applies to jewellery bought overseas due to high porosity/poor craftsmanship/lack of metal/poor design). You can of course ask us to carry out the work without the rebuild and therefore without the warranty.

We will always provide evidence of why something needs rebuilding so you are assured we are always working with your best interests at heart.